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What makes a great wine? Like food, ones taste for wine is somewhat subjective. What one considers to be a great wine, doesn’t mean everyone considers it a great wine! In my experience if you consider a wine to be a great wine then it is…to you! The intent of this wine blog is to share with you the wines I consider to be good, not so good, great and don’t waste your money! That said, remember this is my subjective opinion based on what I like in wine.



Nelly Rose (See Ya Later Ranch)

With summer fast approaching I’m always on the hunt for great refreshing wines offering great value for money. The Nelly rose from the folks at See Ya Later Ranch fits the bill on both taste and budget. This wine is an 01 on the sweetness scale making it super easy to drink. And at under 20 bucks a bottle (CDN) it doesn’t break the bank!

May 30, 2020

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