Food For Forks

Hi Everyone,

I’m John and this is my Daughter Katie. Our family is a food loving family with our ancestral roots originating from Portugal and Gibraltar. My Mum was the reason I developed a love of food. I felt it was important to pass on some of the family recipes…along with others… to both of our children.

For many years friends of mine have asked us to start a food and wine blog…so here it is! The blog will serve as an ongoing cooking lesson for our two children as well as our followers. We’ll have a mix of recipes ranging from really easy to…holy shit the better be good for all the effort…hard but not impossible!

The videos will be informative, fun and a portrayal of how we cook as a family. Those of you that know me know this’ll probably include the use of colourful metaphors on occasion. So that said…please enjoy our blog “Food For Forks”!


Katie and John Sr.

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